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 5BillionSales  invitation


NOTICE: After the announced full update of the project (reset), the descriptions of the services may change, and new opportunities will appear (further earning services).

(update 2022-04-30)

Each of us uses the Internet and unconsciously or more consciously “sell” data about activity, to the giants of the e-commerce market: Google, Facebook, Tweeter, Amazon, YouTube … who then sell this data to other entities that create advertising targeted on clients. This is how the business world works and provides the products and services we need.

You can take part in it more consciously and earn money thanks to the services provided by  5BillionSales . It consists in:

Monetization of existing Internet activities

which you and 5 billion people do daily and routinely.

Overview of 5BillionSales services

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It’s good to have a financial stake in it, after all, you are selling data about your activities on the Internet anyway. 5BillionSales wants to pay you for it.

  •  5BillionSales  ( $5B ) – Over 5 Billion people use the Web that don’t earn from their browsing data yet!
  • Affiliates – Join free & earn your share of $500 Billion commission!
  • Web Users – Join free & get paid up to $401.50 each year (with bonus up to $584.00 each year) to browse the Web!
  • 1 Billion Websites – Generate an extra $155k net profit from Web sales with Guaranteed Sales! (of your or recommended products and services)
  • Limits – There are no limits. You’re only limited by your desire to earn! (limitations are only in the head)
  • Restrictions – There are no restrictions. Anyone – Anywhere can join and earn!

After registration you choose one or more services of  5BillionSales  ( $5B ) – Money Maker:

  • Sell Your Data
  • Guaranteed Sales
  • Refer $ Earn

Sell Your Data

MAKE MONEY – from your browsing data. FREE to join. Easy to do. Passive Income. Can earn bonuses.


You must validate data min. once a week. By everyday validation you get vBonus.

Guaranteed Sales

MAKE MONEY – by generating an EXTRA $155k net profit from your webpage, website, web shop or affiliate program.

Refer $ Earn

MAKE MONEY – by referring other people to  $5B  to make money! Free to join. Make money while they’re making it too.

To be active Partner (referrer/sponsor) you must have as minimum one referral.

This is network, as big is your network as much you get paid. Network is POWER!


Methods of withdraw:

  • PayPal
  • Bank
  • Western Union
  • crypto (BTC, USDT)

The Math Behind Downline Overrides

The only authorized stamp sources of icon information about  5BillionSales  are:

icon ATTENTION! icon
  1. You can have only ONE ACCOUNT in 5Billion.
  2. Everyone must have their own data validation device (computer, tablet, smartphone). You can use many devices but only for your account. Every device will be registered, assigned to your account, during the first data validation.
  3. You cannot validate data for other accounts, not even in the family.
  4. You have to pass the KYC verification (such as in a bank).
  5. For service Sell Your Data you must put exactly country where you are, doesn’t matter which document you have.
  6.  You can login only to your own account! 

Do you know that …?
* After registering in our 5BillionSales – CryptoChemist team, you will receive a series of e-mails with information about the 5BillionSales project and up-to-date information on the most important events.
icon Disclaimer icon
**  The information provided on the website are not an investment advice, they comes from the projects’ source materials, corporate and partner presentations, my work with the projects as well as from work and own creativity. They were presented according to my current knowledge and experience.

icon Business disclaimer icon (risk of loss, risk of losing profits)
Any business, investment, new opportunities comes with a risk of loss (resources, work, time). Only put as much icon money and as much icon time as you can afford to lose !!!
also about the fact that the lack of your actions is also a risk … of losing potential icon profits.
Think! and analyse what you (don’t)choose.

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