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72 Hours Until Contract Plan for #NumberYourGTS is Loaded

Dear Your5BSusername

Contract Plan for GTS Service #NumberYourGTS will be loaded to your Guaranteed Sales page under menu >> My Adverts >> Guaranteed Sales Adverts – link at the top of your advert back office.

This is a system generated notification. Contract Plan will be loaded within 72 hours.

The Contract Plan only applies to this #NumberYourGTS.

There are 2 steps to a Contract Plan:

  • Step 1 – Setup Contract Plan.
  • Step 2 – Agree GTS Service Contract based on the Contract Plan.

The next notification we send, will alert you that ‘Step 1 Setup Contract Plan’ is loaded to your back office. You can complete this anytime after it is loaded. At the end of the Setup there is a SAVE button which will send your Contract Plan back to the system which will be evaluated to create a unique GTS Service Contract for delivery to the above advert.

After checking your Contract Plan and preparing delivery slots, we will upload Step 2 (GTS Service Contract) approximately 7 working days after you saved Step 1.

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