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72 Hours Until Contract Plan for #NumberYourGTS is Loaded


NOTICE: After the announced full update of the project (reset), the descriptions of the services may change, and new opportunities will appear (further earning services).

Dear Your5BSusername

Contract Plan for GTS Service #NumberYourGTS will be loaded to your Guaranteed Sales page under menu >> My Adverts >> Guaranteed Sales Adverts – link at the top of your advert back office.

This is a system generated notification. Contract Plan will be loaded within 72 hours.

The Contract Plan only applies to this #NumberYourGTS.

There are 2 steps to a Contract Plan:

  • Step 1 – Setup Contract Plan.
  • Step 2 – Agree GTS Service Contract based on the Contract Plan.

The next notification we send, will alert you that ‘Step 1 Setup Contract Plan’ is loaded to your back office. You can complete this anytime after it is loaded. At the end of the Setup there is a SAVE button which will send your Contract Plan back to the system which will be evaluated to create a unique GTS Service Contract for delivery to the above advert.

After checking your Contract Plan and preparing delivery slots, we will upload Step 2 (GTS Service Contract) approximately 7 working days after you saved Step 1.

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