Genesis Proposal APPROVED

Telegram Michael Mathias 2021-07-15 Thursday CCH: comments The collective voice of the community has spoken — and a clear message was sent. With a resounding majority, the Genesis Proposal has been approved. The final results were: 94.2% YES 5.8% NO CCH: I’m glad! The result is no surprise. Associations are reasonable solutions to find a […]

Genesis Proposal (GRN community)

(update 2021-07-15) Telegram Michael Mathias 2021-06-30 Wednesday (Google form) CCH: comments Community approval is sought for the following six measures, known collectively as the Genesis Proposal: Formation of GRN Association Formation of PowerDAO Association Positioning of GreenPower (GRN) Positioning of GovernancePower (GOV) Distribution of Swap Tolls to the PowerDAO Establishment of MVault under PowerDAO CCH: […]

GRN Association. Letter part 2C

Telegram Michael Mathias 2021-06-02 Wednesday (pdf) CCH: comments Three Negative Events Hijacking: To take control of (something, typically a vehicle) by force There were three significant negative events in 2018 that occurred in the ecosystem which ended up creating innumerable negative consequences. Each started with a type of hijacking – and ended with a surprise. […]

GRN Association. Letter part 2B

Telegram Michael Mathias 2021-05-31 Monday (pdf) CCH: comments Background Dynamics In preparation for the significant information that will be shared in the next segment, I’d like to share a few background concepts. Understanding these next items will make it easier to grasp what will follow. Ecosystem Companies and Regulation Regulatory action is a normal occurrence […]

GRN Association. Letter part 1

Telegram Michael Mathias 2021-05-21 Friday (pdf) CCH: comments Letter Announcing the GRN Association – Part 1 This is an open letter to the entire community of GRN holders to announce the formation of the GRN Association in Switzerland. This is a very significant moment of empowerment. It marks the transition of our ecosystem into full […]

SWOT Analysis (NetLeaders License)

Telegram Michael Mathias 2021-05-19 Wednesday (pdf) CCH: comments Overview: A SWOT analysis is a strategic planning framework that assesses internal and external factors, as well as current and future potential. The following is provided as a demonstration of the application of a SWOT analysis applied to a proposal. In illustrating this framework, I chose to […]

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