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Questions that bother me:

  • Are blockchain and cryptocurrencies a prepared part of the former 2020-2022 (and planned next fall 2023) C-19 crisis (PLANdemic)?
  • Or are blockchain and cryptocurrencies a way to preserve (define) and transmit values and thus a way to support our FREEDOM?

I put the story about Satoshi Nakamoto, who created Bitcoin and the first blockchain, on the shelf with fairy tales a long time ago. A meeting a few years ago in Vienna made me think who was behind this project! and where did the money come from?

However, the events of 2020-2022 corrected even these circumstantial evidence and went much deeper.

In general, decentralization is key here:

decentralization – it means that there is no central authority that has control over a system. Instead, the control of the system is distributed among the participants. Decentralized systems are designed to avoid the abuses of power by central authorities, but they come with additional costs to the participants, including the need for participants to take on some of the responsibilities themselves.

That’s right, responsibility. Are most people ready to take responsibility? Or does he prefer to obediently follow orders from the “glass home lectern”, assuming that the so-called authorities know better? And even if they doesn’t know it… it will be somehow. And… somehow it is.

Is the “glass home lectern” the only source of knowledge? My observations, and others, show that for most people… yes. Despite the existence of alternative sources of knowledge, including: test results providing different information than those from the “headquarters” (masks-muzzles, “forceps”, “drugs”, …).

Power has been linked to a geographical region for centuries. That is, it covers a certain area where it is exercised. Its jurisdiction does not extend beyond this area. It was also visible that in each geographical region there were different rules of governance. Well… they were. Since 2020, these boundaries have become blurred and it turned out that in most geographical areas… similar rules of (lawlessness) have been introduced.

Where is the center of the current power (authority)? Power over people and not for people (when was it different anyway?). Theoretically, we are the sovereigns, and in practice?

The following analysis is very telling and has very strong consequences that are already translating into our lives and our future. It wasn’t born yesterday … it’s been tens or even hundreds of years (my private opinion).

A distinguished financial expert explains who and why caused the current crisis. Ernst Wolff is an author of many books, a journalist and an outstanding financial expert. Translation by Henry Karnaus, read by Henry Karnaus.

I leave the following 👇 👇 👇 so that it is known where it has been deleted. To consider why …

(English subtitles available)

Get to know my / your enemy. The following books in English and in original German, available for download online from Z-Library):

The Fourth Industrial Revolution

COVID-19: The Great Reset

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