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EID ☪️ MUBARAK! which is a celebration at the end of Ramadan. Regardless of what denomination you are (religion membership) and what God (what name you call it) you believe in, we wish you EID ☪️ MUBARAK!

For those who want to find common ground for all, I recommend that you familiarize yourself with Huna. Huna is not a religion, it’s an ancient science, and it is present in every religion, but in a very changed and adapted form by those who so wanted (who it serves).

Huna has a very precise definition of sin (not religious) and how it translates into people’s lives. It also outlines the principles of effective prayer and explains why prayer … doesn’t work for most believers of different religions …

Simple start e.g. here:

More in Max Freedom Long’s books, e.g. “The Secret Science Behind Miracles”.

P.S. Skip Wikipedia as a fabricated source of knowledge.

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