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Good Will Gesture from  5BillionSales 

(update 2022-08-15)

If your GTS Advert exceeds more than 21 days at the status 9B, 5BS will load your GTAgency with 9 free Good Will Gesture (GWG) Starter Packs which you can sell to new advertisers for $269 each. Each Starter Pack can deliver 1x $155k which they pay 34% after delivery. You will retain the $269 for these GWG Starter Packs as additional advert sales commission. This GTAgency and the Starter Packs are free to you and 5BS will still deliver.

GWG Starter Packages will load automatically to your GTAgency backoffice (CCH: yes they are already 2022-08-14)

GWG Starter Packages will pay commission to your Sponsor and upline when sold.

To clarify, if you have 3 adverts in status 9B and over 21 days waiting, you will be given 27 free Starter Packs.

Your GTAgency backoffice will be fully enabled soon (a new launch date).

The only authorized sources of information about  5BillionSales  are:

Do you know that …?
* After registering in our 5BillionSales – CryptoChemist team, you will receive a series of e-mails with information about the 5BillionSales project and up-to-date information on the most important events.


** The information provided on the website are not an investment advice, they comes from the project’s source materials, corporate and partner presentations and my work with the project. They were presented according to my current knowledge and experience.

Risk and profit

Every businesses and new opportunities involve a risk. The greater the input (resources, work), the greater the risk but also the greater the potential profit.
Lost opportunities are also a risk.
Think! and analyse what you (don’t)choose.

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