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GRN Association. Letter part 3

Telegram Michael Mathias 2021-06-11 Friday (pdf)

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In pursuit of our future, it is up to us to take wise steps as a community to prepare the way forward. Intention sets our destination for the future. Forgiveness frees our energy from the past. Action moves us forward in the present.

The Key to the Past: Forgiveness

Let’s not hold onto what is dead and dying because we are unwilling to forgive. Instead, let’s agree to actively lighten our load as a community. Grudges keep us connected to what did not work for us, failed us, betrayed us or let us down. Grudges weigh us down and distract us from focusing on success. Resentments turn our lives into cluttered disarray and deprive us of meaning. If we are consumed with the regret and difficulties of the past, there won’t be any focus on the present and future. For our community to reach its potential, it is critical that the process of forgiveness is completed.

Forgiveness is made complete, not by forgetting, but by understanding what went wrong and how it happened. Usually, things go wrong because an understanding, ability, capacity, or readiness for an opportunity was incomplete in the first place. We will not make things right by forgetting what happened, and then doing the same things again. We can also not fully release our grievances against others until we understand our own participation in them.

Focus and intelligence must be applied to the process. The act of forgiving should not be a sacrifice of consciousness in which we passively submit to repeated abuse. The reason to forgive is to restore workability, not continue unconstructive situations. Forgiveness is practical. The closer an offender is to your life, the more important it is to forgive. By the same logic, the most important person for each of us to forgive is the one we see in the mirror.

When we forgive, it gives us a new lease on life, as well as to those who we have forgiven. Instinctively, with this freed-up energy, we will be drawn to doing the things that will give us greater command and move us towards our collective goals and objectives. Forgiveness is the key to our recovery. It is a universal solvent capable of removing blockages, limitations, conflicts and other problems that have held back our progress in the past.

In service to our future, each of us is being called on to commit to the process of forgiving elements of our past. Active and conscious participation is required from everyone. Obviously, no one can forgive on your behalf, just as you can’t forgive on behalf of somebody else. Forgiveness is a personal and intimate matter – it’s a matter of the heart. Each of us needs to access the place of forgiveness within ourselves. And together, we can stand with each other in this process and help one another, providing gentle reminders to prevent sliding back into the attachments from the past that no longer serve us.

The Key to the Future: Intention

As a community, we have come together for a reason. There is purpose to how things are now unfolding in this ecosystem. Understand that we have each made decisions to be exactly where we are right now. There is a synchronicity that runs through our entire community, and if we embrace the spirit of this energy, it will empower all of us to reach the places where we’ve dreamed to go.

Our imaginations are usually limited to creating a future out of the standards of the present. It is a very common mistake to assume that the “morning side” of a paradigm gives an accurate forecast of how the “afternoon side” will be. Those who are thinking in standard and predictable ways will only expect more of the same. They cannot comprehend the changes that are about to occur. They do not realize that we will soon be entering the next dimension of technological advancement.

When it comes to the future, the universe will honor the intentions held in our hearts. Every intention planted within a person’s heart is like a seed – and will grow. It just needs to be acknowledged, watered and fed every so often. Eventually, other people will recognize the intention, and it will sprout and flower. Whatever seeds were planted will continue to grow and bear fruit. This is the power of intent, and each of us holds this power within us.

If we want to direct our lives in a purposeful way, we must be cognizant of our intentions and understand what we have set in motion. The seeds we planted previously are still growing. We need to acknowledge our intentions and bring them into conscious understanding. The more fully we understand what we have set forth, the greater wisdom we will have in managing our lives.

Ultimately, like forgiveness, this too is very personal work. Intentions are matters of the heart – and not of the mind. You can change your mind a thousand times, and you will never touch your intent. But with a change in heart, you can change your life. For this reason, it is very worthwhile for each of us to take stock of our original intentions in becoming involved with this ecosystem and see how they progressed or stagnated. In doing that, we can regain a sense of certainty on where we are in the journey and what we will do next.

Although the actual work of setting intention is done within oneself, it’s also helpful to observe and recognize the intentions of those around us and either honor them or deal with them. All too often one person blames another as being the source of a problem when there is usually a shared responsibility in any situation. The silver lining of the acceptance of this shared responsibility in outcomes is that it’s capable of opening up new dimensions of potency: the power of intent is amplified – by magnitudes – through shared intention. When we come together as a community and collectively hold intentions within our hearts about what we are creating with this ecosystem and where we want to go, the results over time are sure to amaze us all – as well as the world.

The Key to the Present: Action

Collectively freeing up energy from the past and setting intention for the future will lead to right action in the present. With the release of blockages and the alignment of collective intention, the possibilities for fluid interaction and frictionless adjustment will be restored. And entirely new pathways for success will emerge.

With a more decentralized, community-driven governance model, action can be taken within our ecosystem that will be better aligned with the core intentions of the community. This will begin with the formal adoption of the governance model, which will be enacted through the community’s vote on a genesis proposal. With this initial measure passed by the community, the doors will open for the first action to be taken under the new form of governance. Additional proposals will follow that will define subsequent objectives, initiatives, and strategies. This process will build until ultimately daily action will be taken in accordance with an overall plan defined by the community and aligned with its goals and intentions.

This process holds the potential to usher a new era of unprecedented growth for our ecosystem. Achieving results that vastly exceed what we had previously experienced is well within our reach. It all depends on how well each of us is able to perform within the present challenges. Can we release our attachment to the past and free up new energy? Can we accept mutual responsibility for what we create and define clear intentions for where we are going? The degree to which each of us is effective in these pursuits will ultimately determine the level of success of the ecosystem.

As we enter our sixth year together, let’s make the most of this amazing opportunity. Let’s redesign, recreate and reformulate the ecosystem into new patterns, with new functions and for new purposes. Let’s transform it into something of far greater innovation, utility, and value than any of us could have ever conceived when we started on this journey. Carpe diem.

Michael Mathias

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