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GRNecosystem at the end of 2021

Telegram Jeffrey Leichel 2021-12-09 Thursday

CCH: comments

Official Announcement

Dear Community Members,

We are nearing the end of 2021 and of course all eyes are on our new start.

With the establishment of the GRN and PowerDAO associations in Switzerland, official responsibilities for the further course of our GreenPower and GovernancePower tokens, our blockchain (PowerChain) and the digital vault system (MVault) have shifted to the control of the associations’ members.

CCH: I am not an advocate of democracy. Even assuming its proper functioning, most people are not able to judge and make decisions (I really struggled to put it so diplomatically …). By the way, democracy does not exist in the world, although some people think that there are so-called democratic states which in recent times of PLANdemia you can see what goals they are pursuing. Theoretically, blockchain can solve this, at least when it comes to the technical side of the issue and controlling the correctness of the voting process. I haven’t seen PowerChain in action yet. The voting so far has been done … with the use of Google systems, which is a fully centralized system for … collecting our data.

Work begins

These two associations are now responsible for running many of the most important processes in the ecosystem, including the operation of the voting systems, development of various products/projects, treasury management and internal and external communication.

CCH: I still don’t see any specific product or project proposals. I will refer to the Jivaka supplement. The assumption that the GreenPower community will be successful and will achieve what was assumed with DasCoin is, to put it mildly, an exaggeration. Break through the supplement industry, which is huge in the world and growing. On the other hand, the use of the NetLeader community (NetLeaders created a community, not GRNecosystem) to push this business, of course yes …

The best advisor

To further assist these associations in achieving their respective goals, ecosystem founder Michael Mathias will now serve as an advisor to both of the associations.

CCH: be straightforward … with all due respect to the founder of DasCoin, I hope that there will also be other advisers, because the history so far and its most recent stages do not make us feel positive. Without Michael, this project would not exist, but as you can see, something more is needed.

Jacek ‘Hodża’ Paciorek and Michael Mathias. Global Summit of NetLeaders. DasCoin start on public exchanges. London 2018-04-28.


Starting in January 2022, existing ecosystem structures will be gradually replaced by a more decentralized, open-source style of governance by the members of these two associations.

As part of this transition, there will be increased focus on cultivating elements that are open-source, multi-chain and non-custodial.

CCH: I wonder what % of the GRN community knows what the source code is and deals with it? However, yes, this is the direction, it just needs to be translated into a language that is understandable to the community.

December deliveries

Before things can really take off, there are a couple of organizational processes that need to be completed first.

While both associations have been successfully established, we are waiting to receive confirmation from the Swiss Chamber of Commerce that both associations are officially registered with them.

CCH: whether they are set up or not 😉 Ok in progress.

Once those confirmations are received, the associations will be able to open bank accounts (for use in making payments in the fiat world).

We expect bank accounts for both associations to be ready by the end of this month.

CCH: so still under the foot of “bankers”

Take off

Priorities for the boards of both associations during Q1 of 2022 will be:

  1. Introduction of websites, publishing of Association Articles on the sites and implement communication protocol for both associations (January 2022)
  2. Finalizing internal regulations for each association, defining the procedures of the voting systems, and determining how memberships will be set up and maintained.
  3. Receive first round of fiat funds and GRN (from token bridge tolls and the collected transfer fees) in association accounts, to secure execution of initial processes and development (January 2022) CCH: I do not know what these sources of income are. There are funds to recover from payments for our licenses in NetLeaders, which have been “stolen” by institutions usurping the right to do so (nevertheless, NetLeaders has issued all licenses), is one of the goals of the associations. There are old GRNs (which have not passed SWAP) to be transferred to new GRN ERC-20 tokens, here is 10% commission for the transfer. At current prices, how much will this worth? What else?
  4. Planning (January 2022) and implementation (Q1 2022) of the first new products/services and marketing support
  5. Integration of existing ecosystem development, designing data management strategies, and scheduling activities for the rest of 2022 in support of association goals (Q1 2022 and ongoing)

Here to serve

We’re finally here. The long expected restart of our ecosystem where community members are in full control.

CCH: not the first restart, but this is the part of building large and innovative projects.

Where the past is behind us and the future is what moves us.

CCH: only the realizations will be move us.

As board members in this ‘history in the making’, we are not only very thankful for this unique opportunity, we are also very committed to serve the community in the best way we can.

CCH: yes now work. I also serve, even by providing information on this blog. … And my comments too 😉

The best community

And also let’s thank each other. For sticking together, for holding faith and for supporting Michael who guided us through stormy weathers to reach this new starting point.

The best support

For any questions you may have, you can contact our Green Community Official Telegram Admin team, who will be glad to help and support you.

Yours faithfully,

Mark Hall
President, GRN Association

Jeffrey Leichel
President, PowerDAO Association

CCH: PS ACTION !!! The results require the involvement of at least a small part of this community. And most of the community will wait … for the GRN price:

CCH: PS2 I support GRNecosystem, but for the record, I’m DasCoin! And that is why I implement many of the assumptions of this base project in other endeavors. For example, ZENIQ & Safir.

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