iHub Global – incredible potential in network

(update 2022-01-20)

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iHub Global is building a network of radio hotspots for the Internet of Things.

Working hotspots are rewarded for being online with the Helium cryptocurrency (Proof of Coverage).

The earning potential when building a network … INCREDIBLE !!!, I haven’t seen one like this yet.

Video with iHub Global founder Michael Stern Q&A

Webinar for Polish audience iHub Global, questions and answers in English, start from 3:18

Note: some assumptions of the project have changed.

Summary of the marketing plan

Practically no restrictions on building a business

(limitations are only in your head)

I ACT !!! in Poland, in the UK, in Tanzania and people from all over the world are registering (online marketing).

Do you know that …?
* After registering in our iHubCryptoChemist team, you will receive a series of e-mails with information about the iHub Global project and up-to-date information on the most important events.


** The information provided on the website are not an investment advice, they comes from the project’s source materials, corporate and partner presentations and my work with the project. They were presented according to my current knowledge and experience.

Risk and profit

Every businesses and new opportunities involve a risk. The greater the input (resources, work), the greater the risk but also the greater the potential profit.
Lost opportunities are also a risk.
Think! and analyse what you (don’t)choose.

iHub Global – incredible potential in network

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