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Value concept. AfyaYai unit

For years I have been thinking about the reference point for value, the determination of value, the variability and immutability of value. I rejected things like: ❌ 1️⃣ Bread 🍞 By the way, the most hellish invention in the history of mankind – carbohydrates that destroy us. ❌ 2️⃣ Fiat currencies 💵💴💶💷 … Inflationary because […]

In New Year

In New Year (from whatever date it starts): ▶️ eat optimally ( “If the views commonly propagated by the Food and Nutrition Institute were right, there would be no sick people.” Dr. Jan Kwasniewski (1937 – 2019) ▶️ turn on thinking, be free, that is … responsible (in Polish language “History ‘likes’ to repeat itself”, […]

Think! and ACTION !!!

“Think! only about what you want to achieve. Your thoughts generate your reality. + ACTION !!!” Jacek ‘Hodża’ Paciorek Think 🧠… by yourself Learn … constantly (read 📚 books, old ones 📜 too) Analyze ⁉️… independently ACT ‼‼ ️… definitely Work with your Master Mind, Super Mind, Trust of Brains (create it, even virtually): NOTE: […]

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