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SAFIR Global Summit

First SAFIR Global Summit countdown

The firs day of First SAFIR Global Summit in Dubai is behind us. ZENIQ on PancakeSwap already: The ZENIQ price on PancakeSwap rose from USD 1.07 to USD 3.44 … and correction. 2021-10-22 2021-10-23 2021-10-24 Why are there big differences compared to Uniswap? The market has not yet equalized prices. Few Partners have access […]

First SAFIR Global Summit 22-24 October 2021, Dubai

(update 2021-08-26) Welcome to: First SAFIR Global Summit 22-24th of October 2021Dubai Meet some of the Worlds best blockchain and tokenization experts and consultants. Tickets In the event can participate SAFIR Promoters with w minimum reached career-level of Starter Plus. If you reach this level, please login to your SAFIR account and go to Shop […]

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