Why ZENIQ Hub “01” ?

ZENIQ Hub version “01” both as a tablet device as well as operating in the cloud:


Every day, new ZENIQ coins appear in your account at Safir.

Due to the smooth halving of the minting of coins, there are less of a fraction of a coin each day. So the sooner you get ZENIQ Hub, the more coins you will have on your account.

E.g. full ZENIQ Cloud Hub “01” (1499 EUR)

2021-05-30 – 63.19 ZENIQ
2021-05-31 – 63.08 ZENIQ
2021-06-01 – 63.02 ZENIQ

You can find ZENIQ Coin on Uniswap:


When all ZENIQ Hubs in the “01” version are sold, the next versions of the ZENIQ hubs will be just as functional (wallet, crypto and fiat management, debit cards etc.) but without the option of minting coins.

ZENIQ Hub “01” will keep minting coins until the process of minting new coins is completed, i.e. FOR A FEW YEARS !!!

Check for more information:

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Risk and profit

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Lost opportunities are also a risk.
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Why ZENIQ Hub “01” ?

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