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Admin CryptoChemist.NET

Jacek ′Hodża′ Paciorek

Admin @ CryptoChemist.NET

+48 727 907 885 (Signal, WhatsApp, Telegram)

+255 673 942 972


Sapphire in SAFIR (see  ZENIQ &  SAFIR) Certified Promoter

Profile Status Legend in  5BillionSales  (see description  5BillionSales )


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Business disclaimer 🤔 (risk of loss, risk of losing profits)

Any business or investment comes with a risk of loss (resources, work, time). Only put as much 💰 money and as much ⏳ time as you can afford to lose !!! REMEMBER !!! also about the fact that the lack of your actions is also a risk … of losing potential 💵 profits.


Disclaimer 🤔 of Healing 💚

Knowledge about healing 💚 methods is provided as ℹ️ information. If used, you use it at your own risk. Remember to consult with person you 😀 trust, such as a 🩺 doctor.

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