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Quantwise Plus – Lifetime (50% Software Fee)

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QuantWise Plus: AI-powered trading bot with flexible deposits, seamless API integration, and a 50% Software Fee.


About QuantWise:

QuantWise is a comprehensive crypto learning and copy trading platform offering expert training, market insights, and AI-automated tools. The platform empowers users to transition from observers to successful crypto traders, turning financial aspirations into reality.

CryptoGPT is a service offering trading bots that utilize AI to handle trading tasks. Users can integrate these bots into their accounts using an API, ensuring seamless operations. The platform allows users to personalize their trading bot by setting custom strategies and risk management criteria. These criteria can be based on various indicators such as price fluctuations, technical analyses, and prevailing market trends.
Once set up, the CryptoGPT bot constantly surveys the market, analyzing real-time data to identify lucrative trading opportunities that meet user specifications. It then promptly executes trades on the user’s behalf, optimizing the trading procedure and potentially enhancing profits.

Key features and advantages of the service include:

  • The flexibility of starting with any deposit amount.
  • The freedom to withdraw funds as desired.
  • The ability to manage risks by employing multiple software tools simultaneously.
  • Instantaneous trading actions.
  • Direct access to Tier 1 Exchange.

CryptoGPT provides different licensing options, each with its respective pricing and software fees:

  • QuantWise Plus has a Software Fee of 50%.
  • QuantWise Pro has a Software Fee of 40%.
  • QuantWise Expert has a Software Fee of 30%.

NOTE: However, it’s essential to note that while the CryptoGPT trading bots are advanced, they aren’t flawless. The volatile and unpredictable nature of markets means that bots might sometimes make errors or encounter unexpected scenarios, which could result in losses. Therefore, users are advised to remain attentive, regularly check bot performance, and tweak settings to ensure the bot remains aligned with their objectives and risk preferences.

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