TUPAN Aircraft Cargo – TDRONE token

The TUPAN Drone is a spectacular, innovative aerial cargo delivery vehicle, the implementation of worldwide cargo transport. It is an HSVSTOL unmanned aerial vehicle capable of performing multiple civil and military missions and operating at low or high flight speeds due to its versatile propulsion options – turbofan, propeller or EDF. SUPER SPECIAL PRESALETDRONE token115% […]

Christmas 🎄 🎁 🎄 and New 🎆 Year SAFIR MEGA 💎 INCENTIVE

To both celebrate the holidays properly and support a strong start for your SAFIR business into the New Year, the SAFIR CHRISTMAS and NEW YEAR MEGA-INCENTIVE started from Dec 23 – until (and including) January 15, 2023! Register for free in Safir now:  **https://safir.cryptochemist.net/  * We thank ZENIQ and their cooperation partners for providing this MEGA INCENTIVE […]


The ZENIQ Swap is live, technically fully functional and also already allows for liquidity provisioning. https://swap.zeniq.net Register in Safir now:  **https://safir.cryptochemist.net/  * This runs on the ZENIQ SmartChain (ZSC), which not only allows for enormously fast transactions, but also ENORMOUSLY low fees that are unique in the entire blockchain and crypto industry. Smart Chain Explorer: https://smart.zeniq.net/ Because […]


The SAFIR GLOBAL SUMMIT 2022 took place from December 3 to 6, 2022. 4 days of concentrated content and surprises. A highlight on the final day of the SUMMIT was definitely the joint visit to Middle East Business Aviation Association (MEBAA). The airshow, where also two of our cooperation partners were represented and presented until […]

Forbes – ZENIQ digital assets for everyone

ZENIQ is an unique ecosystem because it is based on the principle of high security, which is crucial for any blockchain network to accelerate. It is not only investment in ZENIQ products but also helping other innovative ideas and projects in the industry to thrive, such as Tupan token, and there are many more already […]

Photo report from the First Safir Global Summit in Dubai 2021

(update 2022-01-15) A lot of new and important information in the form of photos from the presentation at the First Safir Global Summit in Dubai, October 22-24, 2021. Download pdf with photo report: Get your ZENIQ / Safir Hub now:  **https://safir.cryptochemist.net/  * Download pdf with photo report: Get your ZENIQ / Safir Hub now:  **https://safir.cryptochemist.net/  *

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