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Opportunities in XERA ecosystem

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“Between 2011 and 2023, 400 million people became involved in crypto.”

Selected and already available opportunities in the XERA ecosystem

1️⃣ ❗❗ Quantwise unique trading software based on artificial intelligence with the copy and paste principle. Over 82% effective in tests for the last 3 years.

CryptoGPT is one of the first artificial intelligence (AI) capable of generating comprehensive analysis and strategies in the cryptocurrency market.


Quantwise Plus Lifetime
(50% Software Fee)
Quantwise Pro Lifetime
(40% Software Fee)
Quantwise Expert Lifetime
(30% Software Fee)
link to KMALLlink to KMALLlink to KMALL

2️⃣ Minting of tokens – a hybrid minting protocol. You buy a machine and add to it ready tokens from the market. You start token mining. Machines can be virtual, i.e. software on the server (licenses), or physical machines delivered to your home (minters). The topic is practically maintenance-free after purchasing and setting minting.

Examples of licenses:

LayerK XSTK-110LayerK XSTK-5500LayerK XSTK-1100000
link to KMALLlink to KMALLlink to KMALL

Examples of minters:

xK 500xK 5000xK Validator
link to KMALLlink to KMALLlink to KMALL

3️⃣ Tokenization, i.e. the process of transforming given assets or ownership of various rights into virtual assets. There are several projects that can already be used and are underway: construction, mobile aviation services, sports (basketball), decentralized platform for websites and applications based on blockchain, etc. There are more projects ahead of us that will start, e.g. sports (ball football).

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“The tokenization market is expected to equal to 10% of global GDP by 2030.”

Examples of tokenization:

ZENIQ Minting Hub “01”NOMO Minting NodeVOO Minting Node
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4️⃣ Hardware solutions, e.g. a smartphone that works with blockchain and mints coins.

Examples of hardware solutions:

LK One
link to KMALL

And all this is the tip of the iceberg of what has been planned and successfully implemented for over three years. I have been in this project almost from the very beginning (April 2021).

In front of us e.g.

5️⃣ NEO ONE is a cryptocurrency bank with payment cards linked to crypto and bank accounts in over 100 countries.


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