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Quantwise Plus – Lifetime (50% Software Fee)

Highlights QuantWise Plus: AI-powered trading bot with flexible deposits, seamless API integration, and a 50% Software Fee. Overview About QuantWise: QuantWise is a comprehensive crypto learning and copy trading platform offering expert training, market insights, and AI-automated tools. The platform empowers users to transition from observers to successful crypto traders, turning financial aspirations into reality. […]

Transition from SAFIR to XERA

SAFIR moved to XERA .Your basic information has been migrated to XERA, and you will just need to follow these simple steps: Log into XERA! Log into your SAFIR Backoffice and select the XERA section in the left menu bar. There, you will find your XERA credentials. For your first login to Kliknij […]

Check Mate first diagnostic results

Check Mate The Check Mate service has been launched in  5Billion Sales  to check compliance of Standard Advert (SA) entered into the system and the possibility of its free update to Guaranteed Sales (GTS). After the first check, the possibility of using a given Standard Advert to sell/promote the advertised product is  approved. After two more checks, a decision will […]

New 2024 Crypto Year

Real DECENTRALIZATION is the key to FREEDOM! decentralization – it means that there is no central authority that has control over a system. Instead, the control of the system is distributed among the participants. Decentralized systems are designed to avoid the abuses of power by central authorities, but they come with additional costs to the […]

Standard Adverts Free Upgrades to Guaranteed Sales – Check Mate AI 2023-11-20

The Check Mate AI function is launched, based on artificial intelligence (AI), which automatically checks whether a given Standard Advert (SA) complies with the terms of  5Billion Sales  and can be updated to the Guaranteed Sales (GTS) service. Standard Adverts (this is what we purchased and will be available from authorized Advertisement Agency GTAgency) can be […]

Value concept. AfyaYai unit

For years I have been thinking about the reference point for value, the determination of value, the variability and immutability of value. I rejected things like: ❌ 1️⃣ Bread 🍞 By the way, the most hellish invention in the history of mankind – carbohydrates that destroy us. ❌ 2️⃣ Fiat currencies 💵💴💶💷 … Inflationary because […]

Current situation of  5BillionSales  (October 2023)

(update 2023-10-25) The project of  5Billion Sales  is working and true (verified) Leaders and Partners has access to them own accounts. Remember: You can login only to your own account! (see below good news for less experienced Partners) Delays in restarting services are caused by compatibility issues resulting from a large scale of fraud that 5BS […]


(update 2023-10-10) My first own FIBONACCI token. Generated (instruction soon) in the free Nomo App using the Token Generator plugin. FIBONACCI – natural digital sequence Name FIBONACCI (UPPER-CASE) Symbol FIB Total amount of tokens 1,346,269 FIB Mintable? no (all tokens available) Type ZEN20 Network ZENIQ SmartChain (ZSC) Token Contract Address 0xC8a43A39C775ed97ee101EE84EfA15670C31c808 Contract creation time 2023-09-24 […]

Digital financial complex

Questions that bother me: I put the story about Satoshi Nakamoto, who created Bitcoin and the first blockchain, on the shelf with fairy tales a long time ago. A meeting a few years ago in Vienna made me think who was behind this project! and where did the money come from? However, the events of […]

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