Improvements in the Safir backoffice

Numerous Safir backoffice enhancements activated from December 1, 2021 1.) Further simplification of menu navigation (thematic grouping of menu items). Note: The former position of Wallet is now Balance. 2.) Info buttons with short explanations (“mouseover”) for various topics in the back office plus descriptions and instructions for many menu item. 3.) Extension of numerous […]

Shortcuts for ZENIQ & Safir

ZENIQ Technologies A brief overview of ZENIQ overview (EN, DE, ES, RU) ZENIQ Block Explorer Safir Global DMCC A brief overview of Safir overview (EN, DE, ES, RU) Safir Backoffice A brief overview of ZENIQ & Safir overview (EN, PL) Free registration without obligation (for my beloved daughter Delphina) ZENIQ Technologies – implemented vision Mag. […]

New backoffice Safir

New (2021-06-14) versions of the websites of Safir (Safir Global DMCC), a company that supports building a community of users of the ZENIQ cryptocurrency as well as hardware (Hubs) and online (Cloud Hubs) solutions that provide the next generation of crypto and fiat payments (all-in-one devices). There is already an option to withdraw ZENIQ coins […]

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