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Token types in XERA

(update 2024-03-25)

Explanation of symbolism

EurK-W (Withdrawal) 70% of bonuses, can be withdrawn in USDT (on the TRC20 network), there is no need to convert anything, this token is automatically converted to USDT after withdrawal 😀

EurK-C (Commissions) 30% of bonuses, can be use for re-purchase or internal transfer. NOTE: in XERA presentation v0_5 was by mistake EurK-P.

EurK is the former WEWEX, i.e. an internal stable token corresponding 1/1 to Euro. This allows you to buy licenses and minters/phones and pay the annual fee but not ship anything.

EurK S (Safir) – I LOVE SAFIR Token moved from SAFIR to assets in KMALL (My Wallet >> Wallet >> My Assets >> EurK S). You can use it to buy licenses at KMALL. You can withdraw internally to other KMALL accounts.

EurK V () – Euro transferred from SAFIR to assets in KMALL (My Wallet >> Wallet >> My Assets >> EurK V). You can use it to buy licenses at KMALL. You can withdraw internally to other KMALL accounts.

In the case of EurK VS, only license purchases are possible.

cLFi D (Deposit)
Uploaded cLFi (on the MATIC network) appear in your wallet as cLFi-D. You can also send them internally and of course load the license so it can run and as soon as it is loaded you will receive your rewards.

You can obtain cLFi tokens, for example, via the Koinbay exchange by exchanging e.g. USDT.

This is how you load the license

My CloudK ➡️ Add Minting Utility Token ➡️ Select license ➡️ Enter amount ➡️ Select period ➡️ Confirm.

cLFi W (Withdrawal)
You receive this from CloudK as a reward (60%). You can withdraw it externally using your cLFi deposit address and deposit it directly again as cLFi-D and use it to load your license, or withdraw it on an exchange and sell it there in USDT.

🟣 cLFi R (Rebuy)
You get this from CloudK as a reward (40%)
You can only purchase licenses with this token. They also cannot be sent to other accounts

🔴 scLFi is the cLFi that you have loaded into the licenses. S stands for Staking.

More details:

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