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Knowledge base of ZENIQ & SAFIR

SAFIR moved to XERA

Information relating to SAFIR and, to a large extent, ZENIQ, already has historical significance.
Look for continuation and new opportunities under the headings XERA, KMINTINGS and KMall.

(update 2023-03-10)

Information collected from the official sites of ZENIQ and SAFIR.

What is special about ZENIQ Technologies?

ZENIQ Technologies provides a unique ecosystem to its customers, which will connect your crypto wallet to an IBAN account in a seamless way. You can store and access all of your fiat and crypto assets in the ecosystem through your ZENIQ Hub which is placed in the security of your home.

Who is behind ZENIQ?

We are a team of crypto and fin-technology enthusiasts who see the added value of Blockchain technology in everyday life. We have been dealing with the blockchain for about ten years and originally come from various businesses and expertises that complement each other. Our aim is to mainstream the usage of crypto technology in any business field.

Is ZENIQ safe?

With ZENIQ our main aim is to sustain your privacy and maximize security by using our ZENIQ HUB and our unique shielding technology. All third party services for multi-factor authentication have been eliminated.

Who is ZENIQ for?

Simple and clear: for everyone!

What does Hub “01” mean?

Everyone who has purchased the ZENIQ Hub “01” will get the minting option to produce ZENIQ Coins. The earlier you buy your ZENIQ Hub “01”, the earlier you start minting and therefore you get more ZENIQ Coins. The minting option does not apply to the ZENIQ Hub “02”.

What is the ZENIQ ecosystem made of initially and what will happen next?

At first ZENIQ consists of the ZENIQ Coin and the ZENIQ Hub. Additional unique services will be added over time. The crypto exchange for trading assets of all kinds, FIAT and SEPA integration, b2b and b2c payment interfaces and one-off services that we still want to surprise our customers with, depending on licensing by the authorities

Will ZENIQ Coin be tradable on a stock exchange?

Since ZENIQ Coin is a decentralized coin, each provider can list it independently without any queries to ZENIQ Technologies. Furthermore, the ZENIQ Coin (ZENIQ) is actually listed on Uniswap and will be listed on the ZENIQ Exchange. Since profit sharing is measured on the basis of the ZENIQ Coin, it is not the aim of the ZENIQ Coin to be a payment coin, “ZENIQ” can be seen as an asset coin.

What is so special about the Exchange?

Basically, the ZENIQ Exchange will have some unique features that focus on customer benefit. Compared to other market places, ZENIQs transaction fees will be very low. Users who have ZENIQ can use them for a fee reduction. One of the main features of the exchange will be the seamless integration of FIAT as an IBAN link that will allow SEPA transactions. Withdrawals will have no fees and the ZENIQ Hub allows outstanding security. Furthermore, our main aim is to make the exchange mobile accessible for all functions.

What is the ZENIQ Coin?

The ZENIQ Coin is the new coin that was created with the ZENIQ blockchain to support the financial ecosystem as a medium for profit sharing through the added value generated by the ZENIQ Exchange. At the same time, the ZENIQ Coin will also be used in the future for realizing real and profitable ZENIQ projects, with an additional listing on other international exchange platforms. The expected value development of the ZENIQ coin is thus not only linked to a profit sharing of the ZENIQ Exchange, but also to the future ZENIQ projects and as a means of payment for products and services within the ZENIQ ecosystem

How do I order a ZENIQ HUB?

The ZENIQ HUB can be conveniently purchased through licensed and certified distribution partners only. All required information is collected through the ordering process at the partner‘s websites.

What happens if my ZENIQ HUB gets damaged or lost?

When you start your ZENIQ HUB for the first time you will receive the so-called Seed, words for restoring your ZENIQ HUB. These must be written down and kept safe. Exactly with this information, in case of loss or damage, you can replace your new ZENIQ HUB with your old one. As the Seed Is not even known by ZENIQ itself, you as a customer are responsible for the proper storage of that information.

How can the HUB be paid?

The HUB can be paid in EUR, USD, AED or selected cryptocurrencies , depending where the licensed distribution partner is located.

Why is the ZENIQ HUB safe?

For classic wallets, the private key, your access to your coins and assets, is held by the service provider itself. How the transfer of data and storage works exactly is often not apparent. The ZENIQ HUB generates the private key and your Seed at the first time you start it. Only you can see them locally, ZENIQ itself does not have access to your keys. Your ZENIQ App, as well as the ZENIQ Exchange, connect via the ZENIQ HUB. Thus, your ZENIQ HUB is the central hub for you and only you have access to it and the Seed stored on it.

Do I have my ZENIQ HUB warranty or warranty?

Of course, if you have problems with your ZENIQ HUB, please contact immediatly. We would love to help you further.

What is special about ZENIQs payment solutions?

ZENIQ allows simple integration and acceptance of payments in various currencies and crypto technology for all online shops and online services. Offline ZENIQ will connect with POS (point of sales) companies. Furthermore, an interface (API) for the simple and sustainable connection of ATMs has been developed. Finally, a way is created to connect the entire financial world with a simple and understandable application. See ZENIQ as a kind of PayPal of the blockchain world.

After free registration in SAFIR you can download the project presentation in many languages: menu >> Mediacenter. You will find a lot of additional information in menu >> Support >> Helpcenter. The SAFIR online office is structured in such a way that you have a link to help for most of the functions, click Need help?

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