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ZENIQ Coin launch on LAToken

SAFIR moved to XERA

Information relating to SAFIR and, to a large extent, ZENIQ, already has historical significance.
Look for continuation and new opportunities under the headings XERA, KMINTINGS and KMall.

Very important milestone! You can trade ZENIQ coin on LAToken crypto exchange.

What is LAToken?

LAToken is a cutting-edge exchange which makes investing and payments easy and safe worldwide.

LAToken is a form of blockchain platform through which assets are built and sold. The versatility of the LAToken platform reveals to users a diverse range of opportunities, including access to cryptocurrencies at the expense of real funds.

The project’s primary goal is to unlock the value of such assets and offers the creation and sale of digital currencies. Thanks to this, cryptocurrencies are gaining popularity.

Expressed by themselves:

“LATOKEN is a fast-growing crypto-exchange that focuses on the liquidity of new tokens. LATOKEN entered the CoinmarketCap Top-20 in March 2019 and continues to improve the result.”

“In addition to cryptocurrency trading, eligible LATOKEN users can participate in selected token sales in the pre-sale and crowd sale stages. Furthermore, security token offerings (STOs) are also available on the LATOKEN crypto exchange.”

This platform provides confidence to users, as all those coins listed on the forum are on LAToken because they have already been tested, approved, and work. Hence, users feel more secure when investing in cryptocurrencies listed on the platform.

It is number one in terms of the liquidity of new digital assets. In addition, LATOKEN is the market leader in multi-asset tokenization.

Use of LAToken

LAToken offers an easy-to-use web-based trading platform, making it simple for new traders to start. In addition, the trading platform is simple to use, which gives it an advantage over some exchanges with complex media.

The exchange trades Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Tether, TRX, ZENIQ, EOS, LA, and dozens of other assets. Unfortunately, this platform does not support fiat trading. However, margin swap trading on cryptocurrency pairs is available and trading of leveraged perpetual contracts.

We will appear there for the first time on this list with our ZENIQ Coin! For us, this is an incredible achievement, more for our community and their trust in our project.

Join LAToken in this new era:

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