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2 years in ZENIQ & SAFIR. Easter 2023

SAFIR moved to XERA

Information relating to SAFIR and, to a large extent, ZENIQ, already has historical significance.
Look for continuation and new opportunities under the headings XERA, KMINTINGS and KMall.

Why am I at ZENIQ & SAFIR from 2021? and I work hard with it?

Freedom is one of the most important concepts for people (not everyone is human, some are, for example, citizens and/or slaves). Freedom has been systematically taken away from us and overtly in recent years. The history we know from the duration of our lives clearly shows this. Earlier history from textbooks of “ministry of education” too, although the “truth” contained there is under a big question mark (very diplomatic approach …).

Why is this happening?
  1. Conditions of universal prosperity. They cannot be denied (although they are not for everyone), they caused laziness, there are no incentives to fight for a better tomorrow, to look for better solutions. On the one hand, it is strange because there are so many things that can be improved. On the other hand, it is not strange, because communist social programs (from which communists earn money) kill any initiative and entrepreneurship (the basis for development).
  2. Food. For millennia, there has been a change in the model of nutrition to the so-called grazing. So most people eat what farm animals used to eat. This means a very large share of carbohydrates in the diet and they are the cause of atherosclerosis and many chronic diseases. Of course, the “ministry of diseases” for some strange reason called “ministry of health”, together with the processed food industry and the pharmaceutical industry (big pharma), promote a completely different model. And it’s not hard to understand why. If there are no sick people, the “ministry of diseases” is redundant, the processed food industry is redundant, the pharmaceutical industry is redundant…
  3. Universal control of everything that concerns the so-called mere mortal, that is, in fact, a slave. Movement, eating, behavior inconsistent with the so-called “social norms” established by “reptiles” usurping the right to power over others. Well, since there is no resistance and the years 2020-2022 confirmed it (PLANdemic), the process is progressing faster and faster.
  4. Means of payment that have replaced real money, i.e. one that cannot be created out of nothing, as banks and financial system do, taken over for a long time by one of the nations usurping the right to be the only “chosen nation”. Real money is, for example, gold, which cannot be extracted more than there is in the world. The latest solutions include some of the cryptocurrencies based on their own blockchain and having a limited number of coins wrote down in the code.
  5. People don’t think! You are what you think about, if you think nothing you are nothing. Thinking is hard work, which is probably why so few undertake it, preferring a comfortable life at the expense of others and … falling into the trap.

The points above are very closely related. Improper nutrition leads to defective thinking and not take actions, i.e. acceptance of the unfavorable changing status quo. Additionally, it produces sick communities. Means of payment that can be deleted with one stupid act passed by a group of reptiles in the middle of the night or in the morning, generate full dependence on the so-called government that is accountable to those who pull the strings around the world.

The basis for positive change, as well as for enslavement, is food. That’s where you have to start and that’s what the battle is about now. According to my knowledge and many years of use, only Optimal Nutrition according to the research and experience of Dr. Jan Kwaśniewski provides the basis for full health and the right way of thinking, i.e. distinguishing good from evil and making the right decisions.

A knife can be used as a useful tool but also as a deadly weapon. It’s the same with money. When transactional systems based on masternodes are in our hands and independent of the so-called governments, then we can talk about freedom and independent development (there are some countries where government institutions are already private companies and corporations registered on stock exchanges, transferring profits to external owners).

Among others that’s why I was chosen ZENIQ & SAFIR in 2021 with its own ZENIQ blockchain and an ecosystem that is developing as intended. The Easter illustration below shows only a small part of the possibilities of this undertaking.

These are just some of the possibilities already provided by the ZENIQ ecosystem and SAFIR Recommendation Marketing.

What if this solution does not meet my (our) assumptions? The acquired knowledge and experience will allow me (you) to evaluate the next projects and / or create my (your) own project …

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