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GRN Association. Letter part 1

Telegram Michael Mathias 2021-05-21 Friday (pdf)

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Letter Announcing the GRN Association – Part 1

This is an open letter to the entire community of GRN holders to announce the formation of the GRN Association in Switzerland. This is a very significant moment of empowerment. It marks the transition of our ecosystem into full governance by the community.

Participation in this ecosystem has always represented an opportunity for us, as a community, to self-develop and self-govern.

And self-reward, since our ecosystem from its start chose to include a system of decentralized marketing (i.e., referral-based marketing). Rather than use a more traditional and consolidated approach to marketing, we chose to spread rewards for referrals throughout the community, commensurate with the degree of impact each individual had on creating growth.

There is something very simple and elegant about creating a global ecosystem that is dedicated to mutual empowerment through self-development, selfgovernance and self-reward. On many levels, this approach makes a lot of sense and just seems natural.

However, when viewed from the status quo, these ideas are radical. When seen from the perspective of government, these ideas are revolutionary. A global system of mutual benefits that is outside of the control of any single government is a threat to all governments of the world.

It’s important that all of us are aware of this simple fact: what this community represents makes it an enemy of every government in the world. Make no mistake about it: every government holds a monopoly on governance within its own country. Money is always important to governments, but what’s most important is power. Ultimately, it’s all about the power to control.

We have always been different

Our ecosystem has been unlike any other project in the blockchain industry. It was impossible to categorize it with established labels. And even among the emerging labels from the blockchain industry, we defy definition. For this reason, we were always prone to being misunderstood. Even among ourselves at times.

Please remember that this was never a passive proposition. It has always been an opportunity that’s required engagement. It was never designed to be a “lean back” experience (and wait to see what happens), it has always required a “lean forward” approach, demanding personal engagement and active decision-making.

Your journey began with the decision to purchase a license. The NetLeaders license provided you with capacity in a self-governing global system. This capacity was represented by the utility tokens, which we called Cycles. With your license, you were given the authority to use those Cycles to develop and maintain applications on the global blockchain system.

You also were able to defer your development efforts (or decline them) by converting your Cycles into a store-of-value token (now called GreenPower) through participation in the minting process. Consequently, to reach the point where you are right now – holding GRN, you have made a series of important personal choices.

  1. The choice to purchase a license.
  2. The choice to convert your Cycles to the store-of-value unit (GRN).
  3. The choice to not sell your GRN. From April 27, 2018 up until the start of the swap on September 29th, 2020, there were at least three publiclyavailable marketplaces where you could have sold your GRN. Yet you decided not to sell. Instead, you chose to hold your GRN.

CCH: There was also the 4th choice, admittedly for a few (although it was to be available to everyone and expected by many). Choice to use DasCoin (previous name of store-of-value token) for direct payments using DasPay/AlliancePay. I have largely used this choice when testing the cryptocurrency direct payment system. IT WORKED !!!

By results, everyone in this community has participated in this same series of decisions. Obviously, each of us holds the full responsibility for the individual decisions we have made. And now, with our transition to community governance, we will begin to make decisions as a community that will shape the direction and create a new wave of results for our global ecosystem.

A Monopoly on Governance

Nonetheless, there is a very serious problem: governments of the world don’t want us making decisions for ourselves (CCH: how (not)VISIBLE, that is, in the times of the so-called coronavirus). Governments are against any form of autonomy – mainly because autonomy is immune to external control. Make no mistake about it, an autonomous organization – meaning an organization that is not under the control of a governing body (i.e., a country) – is a direct threat to ALL governments of the world.

Governments don’t understand this kind of structure. To governments, geography underlies all decisions. The soil on which something happens will determine which government controls the parties involved. This is how political law has worked for hundreds of years. Wherever the singular entity (be it a person, business entity, or ship) was first registered will dictate which government has control over it. Even in the era of multi-national corporations, jurisdiction remains relatively clear (the country in which the centralized managing entity is registered has jurisdiction over the entire chain of companies throughout the world).

However, autonomous global systems, such as a blockchains, are different. They have no centralized control mechanism – and this kind of decentralized structure is not understood by the establishment of the world. Since there is no person or company controlling the system, it cannot be claimed to be under the control of any of the recognized governments. (CCH: I feel like … f…k … this is what I consciously and subconsciously look for and what I am building. Individual masternodes may be under geographic control … but the entire system … Is a ZENIQ hardware wallet (masternode version “01”) in our hands and traveling with us around the world, a real step to independence about the government mafia and the so-called NWO world government? What will GRNecosystem propose?) Consequently, there is risk that any kind of autonomous system of this nature will be deemed “lawless” and will pose a direct threat to the global governance oligarchy, each of which enjoys a monopoly of governance in its own country. The inherent decentralization of these types of systems is confounding (and therefore threatening) to government authorities. A government can only understand what it directly controls, or what is directly controlled by another government. Operating without being under a particular government’s oversight and control is uniformly viewed within the realm of political law as being inherently illegal.

“Government is not reason. It is not eloquence. It is force. Like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master.” These words were said by George Washington, the first US President, and show his understanding of the coarse and capricious nature of government.

Economies are the Result of the Legal Systems

Before the era of political law that now dominates the world today, there was something known as Common Law, or Natural Law (the term I prefer). It’s a venerable system, with roots that go back at least 25 centuries. It changed very slowly, and only in response to discoveries of past errors or new circumstances.

Three of the ironclad requirements of Natural Law was that it be: stable, predictable and logical. Economic change was evolutionary under Natural Law, not revolutionary (as it is today, with politicians and bureaucrats never hesitating to upset the order of things on a daily basis). Natural Law brought no social engineering experiments, which are the main result of modern-day lawmaking. (Populations today are forced to tailor their lives according to the wishes of those who hold the power.) Under Natural Law, planning was more effective, since the flows of money were more established and would not shift underfoot due to continual tinkering with the law.

The premise of Natural Law was that the behaviors which enable us to live and work together are in our DNA. (CCH: in us, I have a non-academic approach to DNA and the environment that affects us and that we create. Search: epigenetics, Blog Knowledge for Freedom: Mind over matter) They are a natural part of who we are. Consequently, Natural Law was discoverable law, whereas law in today’s world is essentially made-up law. Natural Law was based on ethics – not politics. The foundations of Natural Law, which made civilization possible, are as simple as this: do all you have agreed to do, and don’t encroach on other persons or their property. (The first was the basis of contract law and the second for tort law (CCH: is a civil wrong (other than breach of contract) that causes a claimant to suffer loss or harm, resulting in legal liability for the person who commits the tortious act) and some criminal law.) The entire system of law can be distilled in the idea that there are behaviors that work for humans, just like running works for a fox, swimming for a fish, and flying for a bird. The fox, fish and bird can choose not to use their behaviors, but they will not prosper. The same goes for humans. Each of us can choose not to obey the basic principles of Natural Law, but we will likely regret it.

Political law contains no such principles. Laws are just made up out of thin air and change with the wind. So instead of the law being a source of stability for businesses, it becomes a source of instability. In most societies today, there is pressure on elected lawmakers to make up an ever-increasing number of laws. The incessant changeability of political law means that the entire financial structure of the world is essentially built on sand and shifts in unpredictable ways. Political law is the mortal enemy of all things rational. It does not bring order – it brings disorder. It’s not a shield – it’s a sword. It undermines civilization.

Incentives Drive Economies

A prime limitation of centralized power is the restriction it places on the distribution of rewards. To preserve the consolidation of power, governments make every effort to contain the flow of the system’s benefits. One of the favored methods used by many political systems is to limit the scope of who is eligible to participate in the creation of value (based on income or asset level). Another is to aggressively block any attempt to democratize the incentives within the economy.

CCH: The reverse process occurs. Anyone who builds value is punished. The more you earn, the more tax you have to pay (penalty and no incentive to act). Taxes are not part of the Natural Law. VAT is an example of “legal” corruption for … officials.

Governments prefer that economic power remains consolidated within a society because it makes it easier to maintain control. To fortify their power base, these governments want the general population to feel incapable of making their own decisions or resistant to taking responsibility. So they set up systems that are designed to produce a weak and dependent citizenry. CCH: For example, the so-called ministries of Education (the same level for everyone) and the so-called of Health (diseases). As part of these efforts, and under the disguise of “protection”, they systematically shut down all avenues of self-empowerment. Rather than provide support to their citizens through a form of enlightened supervision, they instead employ overzealous and uncalibrated “scorched earth” responses. Their actions lack rationality and discernment, but they are effective in stifling any possibilities for more widely distributing economic benefits.

CCH: A vivid and authentic description of … PLANDemia and the co-called “coronavirus”.

With the advent of the decentralized web, there are a variety of systematic incentive formats available that are immune to traditional centralized responses. The world is on the precipice of a monumental change that carries the power to distribute incentives throughout society in unprecedented ways. A renaissance of rewards is coming. And centralized powers will be incapable of stopping it.

The Reality of the Situation

We are under attack. We have been from the very start. What we represent threatens centralized powers throughout the world.

Consequently, they want to destroy GRN. They want to demolish our ecosystem. And they want to desecrate our values.

This is not just happening somewhere else. It’s happening around you right now. In every country of the world.

Self-development is discouraged.
Self-governance is disallowed.
Self-reward is denied.

The way forward for our ecosystem is through greater decentralization.
That’s why the GRN Association is being formed.
That’s why the community through the PowerDAO will govern from now on.

Why is decentralization the answer?
Because decentralization is effective and sustainable.
Any individual can be defeated.
Any group can be conquered.
Any nation can be overthrown.
But a decentralized autonomous global system is unassailable. CCH: When it is global and there is no geographical foundation.

GRN Association Announcement Letter: Part 1 of 3

This is the first part of a three-part letter:

Part 1: Dynamics. This first part was a high-level overview of the dynamics affecting our ecosystem.
Part 2 (A, B, C, D, E): History. The second part will look back on the past five years and go into the details of what happened and why it happened.
Part 3: Future. The third part will focus on what’s ahead and why this ecosystem will ultimately be victorious.

Michael Mathias

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  1. @Michael Mathias! I’ve been searching high and low to locate you following what had so unjustly befallen you and Dascoin. I’m glad to see that progress is being made to set things straight and hope to find a way to reach out directly. If you pick this up, hopefully you’ll be able to get in touch. Remember… triple rainbows!!

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