Recommended start at MagicLime Academy

In our team, we recommend starting in three MagicLime Academy programs and paying out profits after reaching the appropriate levels. Until then, we are reinvesting to support our Partners and build more potential for the future. Free registration at the MagicLime Academy  **  * Lime program In order to achieve success here, we recommend that everyone who […]

Lime program presentation

The aim: to reach 11th level in the Lime program and get 0.8 BTC. Free registration at the MagicLime Academy  **  * 1 BL (BitLime, internal unit of project) = 0.00001 BTC Free registration at the MagicLime Academy  **  * Free registration at the MagicLime Academy  **  * Free registration at the MagicLime Academy  **  * In order to achieve success here, we […]

MagicLime Academy – educational platform with bonus programs

MagicLime Academy is an international education platform for copyright 📚 courses with bonus programs. It grants the user the following rights: Bonus programs This is a project EXCLUSIVELY FOR Community Builders – ACTIVE!(without referrals, the structure will build but very slowly) Free registration at the MagicLime Academy  **  * It is an educational project based on social […]

End of Safir Minting Hub … (2/4)

… which mint the ZENIQ coins Yes, such a moment will come in the near future and it is getting closer every day. The online solution Safir Minting Hub mints for you ZENIQ coins which is your asset that puts money in your pocket. Get your Safir Minting Hub now:  **  * Safir Minting Hub will mint coins for […]

Profitability of ZENIQ/Safir Hubs (2021-10-02)

(update 2021-10-04 on the basis of the database already available at the Safir backoffice) (you can turn on English subtitles or choose automatic translation to another language) Currently purchased (2021-10-02) full ZENIQ/Safir Hubs, minting 6-8 ZENIQ coins a day. Let us assume 6 coins. We have a smooth time halving. So for the year 3 […]


Your finances – your control 2021-09-21 (beta version) The ZENIQ app is a cryptocurrency asset management wallet. You can send, receive and store your crypto assets. The ZENIQ app supports ZENIQ coins (ZENIQ), Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Ethereum (ETH) and many ERC-20 tokens. Beta version still being developed. It may be unstable. Download and […]

EURO commission payout from SAFIR

(update 2022-01-15) You don’t have to recommend to earn money in SAFIR. Your Hubs mint ZENIQ coins every day, and they will do so for approximately 19 years, taking into account the smooth halving in time and the smooth halving in the Hub sales. If you don’t have one yet, order your ZENIQ HUB now: * […]

Bitcoin Pizza Day

On May 22nd, 2010, programmer Laszlo Hanyecza paid for two pizzas from Papa John`s pizzeria … 10,000 Bitcoins. It can and should be approached in at least two ways. Firstly, a transaction was made with the use of a new money – Bitcoin cryptocurrency. What so far has not had any practical application and of […]

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