MagicLime Academy – educational platform with bonus programs

MagicLime Academy is an educational platform that grants the user the following rights: Bonus programs This is a project EXCLUSIVELY FOR Community Builders – ACTIVE!(without referrals, the structure will build but very slowly) Free registration at the MagicLime Academy  **  * It is an educational project based on social crowdfunding with additional earning options. Very STRONG! for […]

Genesis Proposal APPROVED

Telegram Michael Mathias 2021-07-15 Thursday CCH: comments The collective voice of the community has spoken — and a clear message was sent. With a resounding majority, the Genesis Proposal has been approved. The final results were: 94.2% YES 5.8% NO CCH: I’m glad! The result is no surprise. Associations are reasonable solutions to find a […]

100% profit from the ZENIQ Exchange

Official announcement about the ZENIQ Exchange and the ZENIQ Coin from 2021-06-06 A sustainable and long-term project is only as strong as their community. For this reason, we at ZENIQ Technologies have decided that not just 100% of all ZENIQ Coins will ALWAYS be owned by the community, but also that the coming profits of […]

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